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Top Digital Advertising Benchmarks for 2024

Top Digital Advertising Benchmarks

Advertising is a fact of life for businesses in 2024. Advertising is especially popular in this day and age. How do you know if your advertising campaigns are effective? Here are a few key benchmarks to measure the success of your advertising campaigns in 2024.

One key benchmark for online advertising is the number of clicks. This measures the number of times that someone clicks on your ad. It shows how effective your advertising is at capturing the attention of your audience. Of course, you should not measure the number of clicks in a vacuum, as it does not show the number of clicks that led to actual conversions and revenue. Still, customer journeys can begin with a single click, so it is important to track the number of clicks your online ads are generating.

Another important advertising benchmark is conversion rate. Conversion rate shows the number of clicks that turn into actual conversions. A conversion could be a purchase in the e-commerce world, or it could be an email address signup in the B2B space where leads take more time to turn into customers. To calculate the conversion rate, you divide the number of conversions by the total number of clicks. Your conversion rate is expressed as a percentage. It indicates how successful your advertising has been overall.

Quality score is an advertising benchmark exclusively for Google ads. Google ranks every ad on a scale of one to 10 (worst to best), assigning each advertisement a quality score. Quality score is affected by attributes like click-through rate and the experience users have on the landing page once they click on the ad, as well as the ad’s relevance. A good quality score, seven or above, means you will pay less for your Google ad. A poor quality score, six or below, means you will pay more money for your ad. That is why it is so important to track your quality scores and try to keep them high.

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