Top Marketing Agency in Washington DC - Borenstein Group

Corporate Vision Magazine Names Borenstein Group, Best B2B Digital Marketing & PR Agency in Washington DC, at the International Media Innovator Awards Competition 2020

Best B2B Digital Marketing & PR Agency Recognized by CV Magazine

Vienna, Virginia- The Borenstein Group announced it was named Best B2B Digital Marketing & PR Agency in Washington DC in the International Media Innovator Awards Competition 2020, conducted by internationally-based Corporate Vision Magazine which announced the winners of the Media Innovator Awards 2020.


Corporate Vision launched the original Media Innovator program to recognize those that took the ethos to adapt, grow, and evolve to the industry’s needs in the pursuit of bettering it and challenging others to follow their lead. Discussing their winners’ success, Awards Coordinator Jazmin Collins said: “I offer sincere congratulations to those recognized in this year’s program, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year ahead.” According to Corporate Vision, “The greater media landscape is an ever-evolving one, adapting to the changing needs and wants of the consumers it serves. Above all else, innovation and creativity are the keys to enduring success in such an environment, regardless of where your company specializes in the industry. From top-tier marketing firms to those looking to reinvent digital media, it pays to differentiate yourself from what is, by all regards, an incredibly competitive field.”


Collins added, “This is why Corporate Vision Magazine aims to seek out the brightest sparks who influence, engage, and endeavor to provide the best of services, from the app creatives and legal pioneers and marketing masters to the talents of technicians who can differentiate in a competitive and ever-evolving industry. As with all Corporate Vision Awards, the 2020 Media Innovator Awards are based on merit, not the number of votes received. The process works to ensure that it rewarded parties based on their excellence in the industry, their products’ quality, and their dedication to service.” To learn more about these illustrious winners and find out the secrets behind their success, please visit Corporate Vision’s web site.  


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