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Growth is Elemental.

When chemistry's off, your marketing could be


The Borenstein Group helps B2G & B2B innovators formulate pure growth and mindshare

by fusing brand chemistry and digital trust.

The Borenstein Group: Washington DC's Expert Branding, PR & Marketing Agency for B2G+B2B Innovators.

Choose a Trusted Partner; Not a Vendor

Create, Integrate, Differentiate and Activate Your B2B & B2G Marketing
The Borenstein Group: Making Creativity a Science.

The Borenstein Group is a top digital brand integration agency that offers strategic marketing, creative branding, and public relations to Business-to-Government and Business-to-Business innovators. We help you accelerate growth by delivering End-to-End marketing strategy and creative execution. We develop effective BD hunting tools that increase trust, boost market engagement, and make it easier for your C-Suite decision makers and prospects to make the right choice.

Why You Should Engage The Borenstein Group

Proven Technology Branding & Marketing Know-How
Hire an agency that can start from the middle.

The Borenstein Group brings you 27+ years of experience supporting Information Technology, Software, hardware, manufacturing, and management consulting for Defense and Aerospace, Cybersecurity, Supply Chain, SaaS, Cloud, and Data Centers. 

One Stop Brand Integration Shop
From Go-to-Market Strategy to Full Creative and PR Execution

The Borenstein Group offers all-in-one services and solutions from marketing strategy to website design to complete creative execution to public relations. We help our clients achieve measurable growth and business outcomes by focusing on core performance metrics.

No Mystery Retainers. Marketing as a Service (MaaS)
Work with an agile agency that works on your own terms

Unlike stoggy, old-school agencies with minimum account spend, high overhead, and mystery retainers, The Borenstein Group, utilizes flexible service level agreements that effectively support companies with in-house marketing staff and organizations that wish to outsource their Marketing as a Service (MaaS).

Strategize. Benchmark. Create. Convert. Brand.
We are pragmatics thinkers that all available tools to succeed in the digital age.

Unlike many agencies that offer strictly content marketing, branding, or PR, we view your business objectives as the end goal, which allows us to pragmatically custom tailor our offerings that fit your business model and work in support of your culture, values,  comfort zone, and stretch goals.

Key Industry Expertise & Proven Experience At Your Service

We Deliver Fully Integrated Marketing, Branding & PR as a Service (MaaS)

Integrated Branding, Public Relations and Marketing Services for Innovators

Digital Creative Services

Deliver creative and content experiences that command attention, motivate action, delight prospects and clients, establish relationships, and ignite opportunities. From corporate capabilities videos to slick marketing collateral and advertising, our stellar creative team is ready to support you.  

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Strategic market positioning and messaging require more than just creative thinking. It enables you to describe precisely how your product or service is distinctive and why it provides clients with more significant value than the competitors. Establishing a differentiated perspective allows you to win your audience over.

Public Relations

If you want to get a PR message across, you have to use suitable media and own a unique story that the media will find compelling. We have the expertise and experience to disseminate and distribute your message in various ways, wherever your business or technical buyers seek information.

Brand Development

Your brand messaging is all about making real connections between people that matter. We help you turn complicated jargon into messages your target audience can understand and relate to. This creates a brand voice that carries your story through words, images, and technology.

Content Marketing

Using our expertise, we help you create engaging content like case studies, user scenarios, and thought leadership white papers, that will draw in, convert and educate your prospects and clients and help construct content engines that drive growth.

Website Design & Dev

Your website is the hub of your digital marketing activities, so it must be visually appealing, brand-consistent, evident in its messaging, and filled with exciting content. Our award-winning websites result from hands-on experience and industry best practices.

Digital Marketing

Engage and connect with potential clients in an increasingly digital environment in their medium of choice. Always responsive. Always on-target.From Digital marketing execution to  Sales Enablement, Marketing, and sales alignment, B2B strategy, and Demand Gen Content. 

Competitive Market Research

Knowing your enemy, customers, and stakeholders is a prerequisite for successful brand positioning. We use tried-and-true brand awareness and perception research methods, such as marketing audits, Voice of the Customer,  Stakeholder interviews, and digital competitive intelligence. Hence, you always do not know what you’re up against and make course corrections to succeed.

Online Reputation Management

Clients do business with you based on how they perceive your brand or what they discover through your marketing channels online. That’s why managing your corporate and employer branding online reputation is a proactive process that helps you mitigate risks and improve what people find out about your business online.

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