Strategic. Creative. Accountable; Process- The Borenstein Way

At Borenstein Group, a B2B creative agency in Washington DC, we know that ideas that don’t produce scalable RESULTS are futile. That’s why we benchmark your work with effective Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), measure for results, and ask the right questions. So the final creative outcome will be repeatable and predictable, which is the definition of science. That’s how we make creativity a science.

Our process begins with a question, where do you want to go? 

The prospect, competitor, customer, and market analyses to identify the psychographic variables in your way. A proprietary due diligence process of SWOT analysis, segmentation modeling, and industry profiling. Amassing situation intelligence—before a single word is written, or a single image drawn.

Turn raw industry intelligence into operable schemata.

Delineating your competitive positioning, unique value, and delivery methodology. Strategy that will form the basis for every channel communication you envision. It’s a constant in business—fools rush in, kings strategize.

Artistry binds with science.

A B2B creative agency is a team of expert developers that transforms precise market strategies into vivid creative concepts. Tailored for advertising, marketing, or public relations. But messages are now framed in a bold creative context—for maximum impact and lifespan.

Optimize the efficacy of your creative concept.

Nothing is sacred; nothing is overlooked. Our creative distillation serves one purpose only—ensuring the campaign’s performance.

It ends with calculation— return on investment.

A dashboard of analytics to illustrate your campaign’s bottom line. Measurement of pre- and post- initiative brand awareness, prospect behavioral changes, and competitive benchmarking. Science is great, isn’t it?

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