Thank You!

Thank you for taking our Website IQ test. One of our specialists will contact you right away to schedule a call to review your confidential report. In the meantime, feel free to take a look at our scoring matrix. Your test results will fall into one of the three categories listed below.

0 – 5

You need our help! Pronto. Chances are your website is not mobile friendly (aka “responsive”), you have a low authority, high bounce rate and your site is not optimized for keywords. But never fear! Borenstein Group is here to fix that. With our help, we will set you on the right path, and bring your website up to current digital marketing standards!

5 – 10

Ahhh! The middle… not quite the best but not bad either. Your website is probably mobile friendly, but has a high bounce rate. Presumably, you are producing content but are not optimizing it for keywords. You have no idea what web authority even means. At Borenstein Group we know just the right tactics to push your website into high performance mode!

10 – 15

Congrats! Your website is pretty savvy. Chances are your website is responsive, has a mid-to-high web authority, is currently producing content and has SEO keywords in place. You are headed in right direction. Borenstein Group is always available to help you put on the finishing touches to help your website achieve the perfect score!