The Game

The Mission:

In the marketplace race, Biggie the Hare rules the track. He’s got deep corporate pockets and a massive marketing budget to match. He’s lean, mean and hungry for turtle soup. But there’s a new contender at the starting line. Roi the Turtle may be small, but nobody’s boiling this savvy snapper into turtle soup! Roi’s got the goods to outsmart Big Business Bunny at his own game. Instead of “slow and steady,” those rockets are fueled and ready. Think about your business. Are you the turtle or the soup? To win like Roi, you’ll need a smart strategy, stellar branding, social media marketing and a trusted agency partner. That’s where Borenstein Group comes in.

The Contenders

Meet Roi:

Roi the Turtle is the hero of small businesses everywhere. He’s not all that fast by himself, but he’s smart – and that’s what counts. Roi knows that in order to win the race against Biggie the Big Business Hare, he’s got to use smart digital strategy and the rocket-boosting power of a quality agency partner. Roi is just like any small business – with the right tools, he’ll blast past the competition and be the first to the finish line.

Meet Biggie:

Biggie the Hare is the fast-talking, fast-walking loudmouth who represents all that is bad about Big Business. He’s cocky and brash, bankrolled to the max with stacks of cash to spare. His version of “strategy” is to throw money at it, pat his own back, then take a nap. With Biggie, it’s all about flash and flair – but when he’s busy running aimlessly around the track, he just might get beat!

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