Quadrint, Elite IT Consulting Firm, Brands Its Expertise to Capture Larger Marketshare in the Discerning Intelligence Community

Quadrint had successfully delivered trusted IT solutions that kept Intelligence Agencies operating behind the scenes. In order to win against larger competitors, Quadrint leaders recognized the need to enhance optics. Quadrint selected Borenstein Group to revitalize and modernize the company’s visual identity, brand message and digital presence.
Marketing Challenge

Marketing Challenge:

For more than a decade, Quadrint had provided enterprise IT solutions that enabled federal agencies and private sector organizations to improve collaboration and increase efficiency. Quadrint had developed a solid reputation of proven performance, particularly within the intelligence community. However, Quadrint leadership realized that in order to continue on a path of strategic growth, the company would need to revitalize its digital brand and collateral to accurately convey the advanced capabilities, knowledge and experience that set the organization apart. As a result, Quadrint senior leadership tasked Borenstein Group with a strategic digital branding initiative to support business development.

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Strategic Solution

Borenstein Group strategists began by analyzing the competitive landscape to identify and define key differentiators that gave Quadrint a leading edge. It quickly became apparent that Quadrint’s senior-level consultants offered proven expertise, and significant experience supporting intelligence agency missions. Borenstein strategists and creative team developed a compelling brand message that build upon the key strength. Messaging included brand pillars, mission and vision statements, as well as a sleek new logo and engaging tagline. The Borenstein team then generated content marketing items, including case studies and a capabilities pitch deck that detailed Quadrint’s past performance and outlined strategic positioning within the industry.

Borenstein Group’s digital design and development team utilized the latest advancements in responsive design and user interface to craft a high-tech website that effectively communicated Quadrint’s advanced technology solutions and industry experience. The sleek new website was implemented on a user-friendly content management system which enables Quadrint’s internal marketing associates to add or modify content the site at the touch of a button.

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Borenstein Group’s unique strategic approach and creative delivery revitalized Quadrint’s brand identity to reflect a modern, solutions-oriented enterprise-level provider. The new corporate positioning and high-tech creative enhanced the company’s optics and helped make a small business competitive with larger organizations within their market.

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