Leading Enterprise Infrastructure Management (EIM) GovCon Leverages Social Media & Innovative Culture Building to Build Best Company to Work for in Government IT

IntelliDyne earns high-profile coverage in national and regional publications, showcasing internal culture and community involvement, ultimately improving recruitment and building mindshare among target clients.
Marketing Challenge

PR Challenge:

IntelliDyne, LLC, a leading Enterprise Infrastructure Management IT consulting firm had built a solid reputation for designing and delivering technology solutions that help clients achieve better business performance. With proven expertise in, data center consolidation and collaboration, cyber security, and cloud computing solutions, IntelliDyne empowers clients to achieve measurable results. However, competing in the middle market isn’t easy and attracting and retaining the best IT talent is difficult when you compete against companies in both the Small and Very Large space known as “No Man’s Land.” As part of its effort to propel growth,  IntelliDyne executive management realized that in order to stand out in the increasingly competitive federal IT contracting arena, the company needed to elevate its public persona and enhance perception among its clients, prospects, decision makers, influencers as well as top IT talent within the industry at large.

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Strategic Solution

IntelliDyne leaders turned to Borenstein Group, its trusted partner to articulate and execute an effective public relations strategy to move IntelliDyne into the position of prominence it deserves. Borenstein began by working with IntelliDyne leaders to identify internal strengths and differentiators, and craft a compelling brand message and robust digital presence. Once the foundation was in place, Borenstein worked to bring IntelliDyne’s tagline “Experience Above and Beyond” to life by focusing on the ways in which IntelliDyne provides an “above and beyond” experience for its clients, its employees, and the local community.

For example, during the infamous and high-stress federal government shutdown of 2013, when most Government IT contractors were facing layoffs and furloughs, IntelliDyne leaders architected on their own volition an inspirational internal management volunteer operation that allowed non-furloughed employees to donate vacation hours so that furloughed employees would not lose wages during the period in which they were unable to work. IntelliDyne employees leapt at the opportunity to help out team members. The donated hours easily made up for furloughed employees’ the lost time. Doing “social good” paid off as not only it became a rallying call for how IntelliDyne treats and cares about its employees, the activity also inspired the national media. Borenstein leveraged this “above and beyond” human resources success story, earning immediate coverage across a broad network of regional and national media outlets, including Yahoo, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Fox 5 News, NPR, WTOP, Washington Business Journal and more. As a result of Borenstein’s quick PR action on this timely gesture, IntelliDyne rapidly earned a reputation as one of the region’s top employee-friendly workplaces. This boosted recruitment, and created a positive perception among clients and competitors alike. Proof positive: IntelliDyne has collected multiple third-party recognition awards for its corporate culture from multiple national organizations, culminating in its selection as one of Washington DC’s Top Workplaces in 2014.

As a second example, during the 2014 controversy over the gross mistreatment of veterans in Veterans’ Administration hospitals, Borenstein Group proactively helped IntelliDyne plan, launch and generate national positive awareness for contributing to the well-being of veterans across the United States. IntelliDyne already has a proud and deep history of supporting veteran-related causes. With this in mind, Borenstein crafted the Twitter Social media campaign #365ActsofKindness4Vets. The message was simple: every day, a member of the IntelliDyne family of employees, would complete an act of kindness to support a veteran in need. With full awareness of the potential for viral exposure, Borenstein Group created a responsive microsite to showcase a live Twitter feed of the  #365ActsofKindness4Vets hash tag activity. Within a matter of hours, the campaign had cascaded to a nation-wide phenomenon, in which people across the U.S. were committing to provide an act of kindness a day to support a veteran in need. IntelliDyne’s effort gained high-profile coverage in regional and national media, earning praise from both veteran’s groups and clients. Ultimately, it was Borenstein Group’s strategic thinking and quick action that empowered IntelliDyne to make an impact on this trending national issue.

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As a result of the trusted partnership between IntelliDyne and its PR agency, Borenstein Group, IntelliDyne has distinguished itself in the government IT industry not only for the company’s advanced technological expertise and proven ability to improve clients’ business outcomes, but also for its positive internal culture and commitment to charitable causes. IntelliDyne is now positioned as a company that leading talent wishes to work for, and that potential clients are eager to work with.

When asked about the immediate and ultimate benefits of Borenstein Group’s PR partnership, IntelliDyne’s CEO Tony Crescenzo states “the first and most measurable benefit is the fact that we began to get more high-quality applicants into our recruiting pipeline.” Crescenzo added, “people know who we are now, and we’re not just another company that’s stuck in the mix. We stand out above the rest… and that’s in very large part due to the assistance of the Borenstein Group.”