Infrared Thermal Imaging Leader for High-End Wide Area Surveillance Maximizes PR & Brand Awareness in U.S. Defense & Homeland Security Market

HGH Infrared Systems develops high end optronic systems, for applications in wide area surveillance, industrial thermography, and IR test and measurement. When it entered the U.S. defense and homeland security markets, it engaged Borenstein Group to help generate brand awareness and strategic PR for its innovative thermal imaging products used in high-end high-resolution video surveillance.

PR Challenge

HGH Infrared Systems develops high end optronic systems, for applications in wide area surveillance, industrial thermography, and IR test and measurement. With headquarters in France and a significant presence in North America, HGH has partnered with Borenstein Group in order to raise awareness of the company’s unique surveillance products. To date, HGH had successfully deployed its signature IR Revolution™ 360 infrared camera systems in a variety of environments, yet had not received the any significant press coverage, and did not possess case studies or white papers to document the successful deployments. Though the company offered a high-quality product at a great value, HGH was a relatively unknown entity in the American marketplace.

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Strategic Solution

In order to raise awareness of HGH products and successes, The Borenstein Group launched a coordinated Public Relations campaign that involved print and digital publications, as well as the creation of numerous case studies that showcase success stories of HGH infrared camera systems in action.

The Borensein Group’s team of PR professionals tapped into a vast network of journalists and editors to strategically position HGH systems in targeted publications read by decision makers and industry experts. Articles were secured in relevant journals such as Defense Systems, Military & Aerospace Electronics, Avionics Intelligence and others. By profiling HGH products, and securing interviews for key leadership in widely read industry-specific publications, The Borenstein Group team helped raise awareness of HGH systems among targeted audiences of potential buyers. This exposure dramatically improved the company’s return on investment.

Further, The Borenstein Group created case studies describing successful HGH camera deployments. These case studies doubled as creative marketing collateral by combining compelling text with evocative images and intuitive design. In the end, the case studies were equally informative and sales-focused, providing HGH’s business development team with impactful tools to earn new customers.

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Ultimately, the coordinated Public Relations and content marketing campaign has succeeded in positioning HGH Infrared Systems in front of key decision makers in the Pentagon and Lead Systems Integrators in the upper echelon of the defense industry. Since the campaign began, the increased visibility has generated numerous strong leads, and has resulted in several high-profile new contracts. With the support of the Borenstein Group’s strategy, creativity and homeland-security and defense public relations expertise, HGH Infrared Systems is enjoying greater exposure than ever before, creating higher procurement awareness amongst discerning decision makers.

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