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Zero-Trust Virtual Mobility SaaS Boosts National Mindshare with PR and Third-Party Validation in the Competitive Cybersecurity Market.


When a cybersecurity Zero-Trust SaaS, a leading-edge innovator that transforms secure access to data from the edge for national security and commercial markets, sought to get the word out about its disruptive innovation to become a mainstream market solution in B2G and B2B markets, it needed to engage a trusted agency partner that knows these markets.

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The cybersecurity client engaged The Borenstein Group as its Public Relations and Strategic Branding agency to spread the word about its disruptive, trusted BYOD technology solution. In order to increase mindshare, name recognition, and third-party validation through product reviews and award competitions, the client needed to increase visibility in the national and trade press.


Working closely with the client’s charismatic and bold industry leader, the cybersecurity client gained national meritorious attention and achieved third-party validation. It achieved major coverage in key publications such as Fast Company, Bloomberg, Washington Post, and numerous cybersecurity publications. The Borenstein Group also helped the client win national and international awards to establish a solid third-party reputation for its exceptional innovation and disruption, including winning the gold medal at the Thomas Edison Innovation Awards, as well as the Outstanding New Cyber Security Product award from OSPA, the Global Infosec Awards, and Cyber Security Excellence Award, Golden Bridge Awards, Fast Company’s Best Innovative Companies, and the Platinum Astors Homeland Security Award.

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