How Hand Sanitizer Taught Me What Marketing & Branding is Really All About

by Hannah Mosios, Borenstein Group Intern


On the first day of my internship at the Borenstein Group, CEO Gal Borenstein handed me a pocket size bottle of island margarita hand sanitizer. My first thought was “keep the gifts coming.” It wasn’t long before I realized that this was not just a gift, but also more so, my first “real” assignment at The Borenstein Group. In other words, this was the gift that would keep on giving.

After Mr. Borenstein welcomed me with this gift of cleanliness, he further explained its purpose. He challenged me to come up with three unique uses for hand sanitizer, other than to sanitize hands, and then market each accordingly. My first thought was, “Can one use be to clean up my tears?”

I soon realized this assignment offered me much more than I originally thought, like the actual hand sanitizer. After I received the courteous gift of cleanliness, the gift of creativity followed.

After quickly Googling different uses for hand sanitizer, I soon realized that this assignment was more than just a fast Internet search. This project represented the fundamental thought process of what integrated marketing was about. This includes everything from brainstorming, to product development, to branding and marketing. Underlining the principal of marketing: you can market anything.  

I stepped up to the challenge and then the question became “Why should everyone invest in getting the 5 for $6 deal of those pocket hand sanitizers?” Was the only purpose to always be able to kill germs everywhere I went? I beg to differ. 



At every party you go to, don’t assume there’s going to be a margarita waiting for you there… bring the margarita with you! (Where the alcohol content serves up slightly different uses.)

  1. Clean-up on the dance floor

When you’re on the dance floor, everyone’s creative juices are flowing, literally and figuratively. If this dance-off is taking place in your home, you may have your pets using your carpets as a toilet, while people are using their shirts for plates and napkins. Parties, like life, can take an unexpected dump on you sometimes. Perhaps it’s the word vomit coming from your peers that makes you spit out your food, or maybe it’s your dog exploding like a piñata on your carpet. Well, the party does not have to be interrupted for you to spend hours scrubbing a stain. Hand sanitizer serves multiple purposes, some you may not have expected. The next time you find that uninvited “guest” from your dog or a spill from one of your party-goers, whip out that pocketsize hand sanitizer to remove those stains. Hey, this could even work if you happen to miss your mouth while drinking coffee (like I did this morning) and need a quick fix.

  1. A sticky fix

The majority of people don’t like sticky situations (in most cases). Think of working on a group project and getting glue all over your hands like being dragged to a party you don’t want to go to. In other words, imagine one, big, sticky situation that brings together different people whether they want to stick around or not. Hard pass. Whip out your Fiestafy Fresh hand-sanitizer and make a party of the situation. That initial margarita scent will remind people to take a few deeps breaths and channel some island vibes. Now that you’re relaxed, apply some hand sanitizer and you won’t be hasty ripping off your skin as you tug at the glue. No more sticky situations on your hands and a whiff of that hand-sanitizer will help you mentally transport yourself to an island far away, and lose sight of the sticky social turmoil.

  1. Clarity and confidence

How are you supposed to get ready for a party when your mirrors and windows are cloudy? You can’t hide yourself behind the smudges in the mirror in the dark any longer. Let that natural light shine in on you, through your windows. Look in the mirror and see yourself! Why spend hours looking for that Windex inconveniently placed somewhere in your house when you can just squeeze a few drops of hand sanitizer on a cloth to get rid of the smudginess? Not only that, but a clean space will help you have a clean mind. You will be leaving your house in the nick of time for that party with clear confidence.

Take the Fiestafy Fresh island vibe everywhere and after every time you use it, close your eyes for a second and picture yourself as that little dancing emoji in paradise.