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Clients Vote Up Borenstein Group to Clutch’s Top 1000 Global Companies List; Rank Borenstein Group as one of Best B2G & B2B Branding Agencies in 2019

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The Borenstein Group, a leading B2B and B2G integrated branding agency, has announced Clutch Research recognized it as one of the Top B2G & B2B Branding Agencies in its Top 1000 Companies Annual listings. According to Clutch, “Digital strategy and branding are essential components to elevating the character that your company has to raise it’s ROI. Clutch, the B2B ratings and reviews platform in the DC metro area, recently announced its global Clutch 1000 list that features the top companies around the world who excel in their craft.

Gal Borenstein, Borenstein’s CEO, stated, “We’re proud to be on that list amongst the other great companies! To our clients: thank you for the support you have for us and for leaving project feedback on our Clutch profile. We are proud to wear the 5 out of 5 ratings because it came from you. That’s what we do. We handle the branding, so you can get to work on the things that keep the wheels turning in your company. We’re proud that our branding efforts this year haven’t gone unnoticed. The Borenstein Group is honored to be recognized as Clutch’s Top 1000 for 2019. As a market leader in B2B and B2G Branding, Marketing, and Public Relations, we believe that nothing is more important than what other people say about you when you’re not in the room’. This third-party validation by the Clutch professional research team accomplishes that.”  – CEO, Borenstein Group


According to Clutch, “While Borenstein Group wasn’t in the room, its clients sang praises of trust, expertise, and creativity about Borenstein Group’s work. They appreciated the agency’s strategic efforts to help their business succeed, and they are proud to have done just that for them. Clutch sister sites, The Manifest and Visual Objects, help Borenstein Group appear on a resource list for research on US-based agencies and a platform that showcases digital portfolios of top-performing agencies in various industries.

We are looking forward to meeting our future clients, and this award will help us differentiate our expertise against the others in the B2G and B2B branding arena.  If you’re ready to kick off a project consultation call, schedule it with us today!

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