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What Makes a Webinar Effective?

What Makes a Webinar Effective? | Best Tips & Practices

Webinars are an increasingly popular content marketing tool. Marketers have been using webinars to find leads and move potential customers along their sales funnels for years. However, what truly makes an effective webinar? Here are a few tips to make your next online presentation a success.

The first step to a successful webinar is having the right topic. To be effective, your topic cannot be too broad. For instance, instead of having a webinar about website design, have a presentation about designing a specific page of your websites like a homepage or an about page. The more niche your topic, the better. You want to establish your authority as an expert in a very specific topic area, and choosing a narrow webinar topic will help you do just that.

It is very important to promote your webinar weeks in advance. After all, if you don’t promote your presentation, how will anyone know to attend? There are several ways to let people know about your webinar. You should set up a landing page where people can sign up to attend the event. You should also promote your webinar on social media, both organically and through paid ads if you have the budget for it. Marketers can also send emails to encourage existing audience members to sign up for the webinar. A series of three or four emails should be enough to drive attendance for your presentation. You can also write a blog post about your webinar to inform your audience and encourage sign-ups.

A few days before your live webinar, it is crucial to do a dry run of the presentation. You should have all of your equipment in place, including any microphones, headsets, landlines and recording gear. Practice your script as much as possible to make sure the live webinar goes smoothly. You don’t want to sound rushed or unprepared on the day of your big presentation. Practice goes a long way in preventing any technical or presentation hiccups from ruining the main event.

Live webinars are meant to be interactive. That is why a question and answer session is an important part of any live online presentation. You can decide to answer questions throughout your main slides, or you can save the Q&A portion for the end of the webinar. Either way, you may want to have an assistant on hand to help you field questions. They can also be there to assist attendees with potential technical difficulties they may experience. You should have a few questions prepared ahead of time in case your audience is not as engaged as you would have hoped.

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