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Top Social Media Benchmarks for 2024

Top & Trending Social Media Benchmarks for 2024

If your business is not on social media than you are way behind the times in 2019. In all likelihood, your brand is all over popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But how do you know if your social media marketing is working? Here are key benchmarks to measure the effectiveness of your social media in 2019 and one benchmark that matters less these days.

Engagement is one of the most important benchmarks you can measure on social media, as it indicates that your content is interesting and successful. There are several metrics you can use to gauge how engaging your social media content has been. Likes are one way to see if people are engaging with your content. Shares and retweets are even greater indicators that people find your content engaging since they are personally recommending your content to their friends. Comments are also an important benchmark, as they show that your content is generating conversation. The more likes, shares, and comments your content receive, the better your strategy is doing overall.

Another important benchmark is website traffic. Google Analytics can show you how much of your website traffic is coming from social media. Ideally, you should see the amount of website traffic increase over time. High website traffic shows that your content is attractive enough for your audience to want to learn more. More traffic means more potential leads, more customers and ultimately more revenue for your business.

You should also measure conversions to track the effectiveness of your social media. Conversion does not necessarily have to be a sale. In the B2B world, a conversion can be newsletter signup, white paper download or another step in the sales funnel. Conversions are what turn leads into customers. If your so.cial media strategy is not driving conversions, then it may be time to reevaluate and restructure your content.

Though there are many social media benchmarks you can track, the number of followers is one metric that is less important in 2019. Many marketers consider this to be a vanity metric. It looks good on paper, but it does not really show how many of your followers are actually engaging with your content or converting into customers. You should not ignore the number of followers as a benchmark altogether, but you should measure it alongside engagement and conversion numbers to see everything in context.

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