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Top 4 Digital Customer Experience Tips

Top 4 Digital Customer Experience Tips & Strategies

The customer is king (or queen). That fact has never been truer than in 2019. But how do you ensure that customers have positive experiences? Here are four tips to help you give the best customer experiences this year.

  1. Mobile responsiveness is key to having positive customer experiences in 2019. Your website should function flawlessly on every mobile, tablet or desktop device. If it does not look great on mobile, your website will cost you valuable customers. These mobile users will not be able to reach you or learn about your products or services. Having a mobile friendly website is essential for every company this year.
  2. Not only should your website be mobile friendly, but it should also be fast. The faster your website loads, the less likely website visitors are to abandon you. If your website loads slowly, many customers and potential customers will give up on visiting your website before they even make it to the homepage. You need a fast website to ensure positive customer experiences in 2019.
  3. Engaging with customers on social media is another important step in creating positive customer experiences. Many customers will share feedback and complaints with you via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You need to respond to these comments with a sense of urgency, while always remaining friendly, professional and polite. Responding to complaints is not the only part of customer service on social media. Sometimes there are opportunities to go the extra mile. When noted author Peter Shankman tweeted to Morton’s Steakhouse asking them to bring him a porterhouse to the airport, the company delivered. This Twitter exchange went viral, showing how the restaurant chain went above and beyond to delight their customer.
  4. Social Media Today points out that another way to create positive customer experiences is to send welcome emails to customers and potential customers. When someone signs up for your newsletter or makes a purchase, it is polite to greet them with a friendly welcome email. Readers can click through to your website to learn more about your company after you have welcomed them.
    Starbucks uses a variant of this tactic with customer service survey emails. The emails prompt customers to rate their recent experience at a Starbucks location. By listening to customer feedback, the company shows that they care about creating exceptional experiences for customers.

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