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Innovative Agency International Podcast Features Gal Borenstein, Borenstein Group CEO, on The 4 Pillars of Building Authenticity & Trust in B2B Branding

4 Pillars of Building Authenticity & Trust in B2B Branding

There are many facets of creativity. Your marketing agency will need to use it to help your clients achieve their goals. What’s often missing in the creative exercise is a process, or “pillars,” to ensure the agency can achieve great client results.

In a B2C world, marketers sell to consumers who buy based on many emotions. But in B2B markets, according to Gal Borenstein, Founder of Borenstein Groupthere’s only one emotion that counts: TRUST. 


On The Innovative Agency’s latest podcast, Gal Borenstein shares how he leverages creativity in his 4 pillars of creating trust with buyers.

These fundamentals make the message resonate for B2B clients:

1. Understand the psychology of the decision-makers.

2. Before you start anything, learn who all the stakeholders and influencers are, as well as what rules they follow. How do they decide?

3. Competitive intelligence – get it.

4. A failure to know what your client’s competitors are saying, or promising, means a fail when trying to differentiate. Set a baseline for client expectations. Agreement on the desired outcomes is critical for measuring progress.  How will the client know its ROI if you haven’t agreed on the metrics at the start? There’s the 4th pillar in B2B trust….

Listen to  Sharon Toerek’s conversation with Gal Borenstein at the link here to learn what it is!


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