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How to Use Artificial Intelligence in B2B Marketing in 2024

How to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in B2B Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a scary concept for businesses to consider. Will it take away jobs? Will it transform the workforce as we know it? In the B2B space, AI can provide benefits to marketers. One use of artificial intelligence in the B2B marketing space is chatbots. Chatbots are powered by AI and provide answers to questions via text. B2B companies can deploy chatbots on their websites to improve customer service experiences. Instead of reading through a long FAQ page, customers can ask questions to a friendly chatbot. They will receive answers instantly and do not need to constrain their queries to normal business hours; chatbots function 24/7.

For instance, Sephora uses chatbots to engage with its customers. One chatbot allows customers to book appointments with beauty specialists. Their other chatbot helps customers select colors based on their skin tone or outfit. Chatbots like these take a lot of the customer service burden off of individuals, while delivering a friendly and enjoyable experience for customers.

Artificial intelligence can also improve content marketing for B2B companies. It can help deliver the right content at the right time to customers. Though AI can’t write the content itself (yet), it can be an efficient delivery mechanism for your existing content, according to Marketo.

Netflix and Amazon are popular examples of using AI to recommend content. Based on your viewing history, Netflix recommends new shows and movies for you to enjoy. Amazon uses your browsing and purchase history to recommend products, and a significant amount of its revenue comes from these recommendations.

According to MarTech, artificial intelligence can be used to analyze sales calls. New AI technology can transcribe calls and analyze their content using natural language processing. The tool can label important topics that come up during the conversation, such as pricing, competitors and customer pain points. In this way, companies can learn what techniques work best on sales calls and close more deals.

Artificial intelligence can assist with segmenting customers. It can help determine which leads are likely to convert to customers, saving sales team members valuable time they could have wasted chasing down misguided leads. AI can show which website visitors are just browsing and which are actively interested in your products or services. Ultimately, this will make your sales cycle more effective and efficient.

The world of AI can be overwhelming and confusing for anyone who is new to this space. Thankfully, your friends at the Borenstein Group, Top DC marketing agency, can help guide you to the right AI technology for your team. Contact our award-winning marketing team today to get started.