Borenstein on Digital Trust: Interview with Thought Leader, Kim Plyler, on Popular Podcast “Master Your Story.”

kimplyler master your story

December 27, 2018– Have you ever asked yourself why do prospect trust? one digital brand and not the other? Have you ever wondered why folks seem to ‘feel’?your brand is trustworthy? but couldn’t quite explain? Short answer?? Well, it’s not that simple. In digital branding, we use a combination of behavior and cognitive psychology, market research, creativity, User Experience, User Interface design and a few good strategies to help expedite the ‘trust-building process’.?Why should you care? Because by definition, the faster you can build digital trust, the faster your target prospect (whether recruit, prospect or partner) can truly evaluate what your substance!

Mr. Gal Borenstein, CEO of Borenstein Group, was recently featured on MASTER YOUR STORY, the highly-prestigious thought leadership podcast by Kim Plyler. Gal was interviewed about his proprietary digital brand building methodology; 7 SURE-FIRE WAYS TO BUILD INSTANT TRUST FOR YOUR DIGITAL BRAND. 

The show uses the platform to make sure everyone’s story can be heard. On the broadcast, you’ll hear from people all around the world whose stories make a difference. “We all have stories — and through them, we can improve humanity. Listen and learn to Master Your Story!” states the program manifest.

To listen to the full interview, click here

About Kim I. Plyler: She is the CEO of SahlComm and author of “Master Your Story, It Matters!” uses her platform to make sure everyone’s story can be heard. She believes that everyone has a story and through those stories  we can help change the world. You just need to be comfortable in your vulnerabilities, be able to see the beauty in humanity, and craft the skills needed to reach the people.