7 Web Design Trends That Will Shape Your 2021 Digital Brand Strategy

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What will be the right Web Design Trends that will Shape your 2021 digital brand strategy? In this post, we offer our top 7 Web Design Trends that we’ve already researched for you. See which one applies to your company’s digital marketing strategy.

1. Voice Communication

The first trend that we see exploding onto the scene is voice communication within websites and voice search. Voice communication has made a huge splash and will only continue to rise. With stats such as 20% of all mobile queries on Google are voice searches, it is no question that this trend will keep rising in 2021.

Plus, voice queries offer distinct advantages such as:
I. Offering straight to the point answers
II. More natural than typing on your phone
III. A great way to search while being extremely busy


This trend will heavily affect the SEO rankings of websites as more and more people are taking advantage of products such as Alexa, Siri, and Google, with 95% voice recognition accuracy.

You can prepare for this trend by:
I. Creating content with the end-user in mind
II. Focusing more on long-tailed keywords that would come up in normal conversation

2. 3D Renderings

Want your website to stand out visually among the rest? Then, you absolutely have to check out the 3D graphics and renderings of your products on your website. Having 3D graphics or renderings of your end product can be a strong selling point, especially if your product’s photo content is lacking.

3D renderings allow you to:
I. Present the product or service in an engaging way
II. Allow for a 360-degree view of the product
III. Emulate a retail store shopping experience

Although time-consuming and sometimes very tedious, having a 3D graphic or rendering of your product will not only boost the user experience but can save the day when other content is not greatly available.

3. Motion and animations

Like 3D graphics and renderings, motion and animations can take your web page design to the next level. While you don’t want to go overboard with this trend, motion and animations can be very helpful and communicative. The main purpose of motion and animations is to allow the user to interact with the design. The user can see in real-time feedback of an action they take on the website through motions such as checking off an item on a “to-do list.” These “micro-interactions” are where motion and animations really shine.


4. Typography

Organizations can use typography to stand out. Different typography styles will be used to catch the user’s attention.

Some eye-catching typography styles include:
I. Retro fonts
II. Size of fonts
III. Multi-colored fonts

Typography sets the mood of what the user will be reading. You want to make sure that the typography is on-brand and eye-catching at the same time. Typography is a trend that will never go away, so it is well worth investing your time and learning the art and science behind it.

5. Minimalism

The old saying “less is more” has never been truer with the rise of minimalism in web design.

Some of the characteristics that minimalism holds strong are its:
I. Simplicity
II. Clarity
III. Focusing on the user experience

With minimalism, the user experience is as efficient as possible. And in a world where being time efficient is everything, minimalism gives you the blueprint to do exactly that.

6. Augmented reality

Augmented reality has gained more attention throughout the years and will only rise in popularity as the tool becomes more and more accessible. From the Oculus virtual apartment tours to seeing a couch virtually placed in your living room to see if it would be a great fit, augmented reality is ready to take off. Users will be able to experience those “had to be there” moments right in the comfort of their own home. This can serve as a great benefit as you are directly supplying the user with the experience they desire to have, all within your website!

7. No Code Web Sites

Lastly, we have “No Code” websites and web design. The biggest barrier of entry to people worldwide regarding web design is the ability to code, and with more “No Code” software becoming available, there will be a huge up-tick with this trend.

Whether it is
I. Shopify to sell products
II. Webflow to create sleek designs
III. WordPress for its power and simplicity

“No Code” is becoming more popular by the day. While software like the ones mentioned is recognized as “No Code,” you still have the option to change and customize the code to your liking, which is great for personalization and branding. “No Code” website builders have really changed the game and lowered the barrier to entry so more and more people can get their own piece of online real estate.

The Bottom line: Web design fads come and go, but with this list of 7 battle-tested web design trends, you now can examine your own website and see if you are prepared to maximize your digital real estate in 2021.

Authored by Matthew Herzog, Borenstein Group’s Agency Marketing Intern in 2020.