7 Reasons Why My Internship At The Borenstein Group Surpassed Expectations

By Serena Sarch

I learned the ins-and-outs of firm life

My first week at The Borenstein Group, CEO, Gal Borenstein told me that I would be thrown into all aspects of working in a firm setting, and boy, was that the truth. My assignments included everything from content creation, to client relations, to contributing to a new website design. I’m going back to school with a complete understanding of what I liked (and disliked) about working in a firm. Thinking back to what I pictured a firm to be like was something like a bunch of crazy employees running around like chickens in a pen. This experience taught me that those depictions were not only inaccurate, but that the reality of firm life was about collaborations, strategy and broadening perspectives.

My dreams were about the color red

Everywhere you turn, something will be in a shade of red. Walls, chairs, brochures, toilet paper (just kidding, although that would be impressive) is in the bold color. After my first few weeks, I found myself walking into a Target and feeling oddly at home. Then, I began thinking, “Why red? Why did Mr. Borenstein choose that color to represent his company?” After working with the company for a while, I think I’ve come to a full understanding of what that color represents. It stands for the resilient attitude the company possesses to not only stand out, but also to demonstrate its passion for the business they’re in and how dedicated the employees are to their work.

The client always comes first

At the end of the day, almost every task performed by The Borenstein Group is for one client or another. What’s the point of a company paying us for our work if they’re not going to get top-notch service alongside of it? I’ve learned the importance of maintaining open communication with a client and being honest, yet productive in our dialog.

Unofficial office lunch dates define the workplace culture

At this point, The Borenstein Group is single-handedly keeping the Fairfax locations of Cava and Chick-fil-A in business. I have to say, it’s much easier to write a press release on a full stomach. We’re still working on our human resources department to fund our “personal development” lunch outings.

Every word counts

After writing countless press releases, articles and even social media posts, I’ve come to realize just how important one word, or even one comma can be to the messaging of any type of content. Half of this business is learning what to say and how to say it, and often times in a manner of a few words. More specifically in this firm, being one that specializes in B2B companies and technology markets, words matter even more. Having the ability to take advanced languages and make it relatable and comprehendible to those less informed is a unique skill. Maintaining the message while creating content that multiple audiences will be receptive of, is the true test of any writer in the communications industry.

There are no stupid questions

…or at least everyone acts that way. As interns, the professionals at The Borenstein Group realize that we can’t be expected to know everything about branding, marketing and public relations. They want us to be exposed to new ideas and projects in order to broaden our knowledge of the field. The internship was not only about putting the skills I learned in class to practice, but also about developing new abilities, and asking questions about those new topics.

The “work hard, play hard” mentality

Even on my first day, I noticed just how seriously each employee takes his or her work. However, it also became evident that The Borenstein Group isn’t just a place of business, but also an office where everyone genuinely cares about each other. We aren’t afraid to joke around and talk about our lives. Whether it’s the CEO walking into the office wearing a funny graphic tee, or adding a silly doodle to the lobby chalkboard, The Borenstein Group knows how to have fun. However, at the end of the day, we know when to buckle down and really get to business. It’s those fun moments in the office that drive our ability to refocus and accomplish our goals.

As I head back to the infamously snowy Syracuse for my third year studying communications, I’m not only thankful to The Borenstein Group for providing me with a real experience in firm life, but also excited to take back the skills I learned and apply them to my work during the upcoming academic year.