Watch What Clients Say About Borenstein Group’s Creativity, Strategy & Execution

In this B2B Branding Video Case Study & Testimonial, Adam Blau, Vice President for Sales, North America for world’s fastest-growing translation company, OHT, shares the branding experience he experienced with his agency-partner, Borenstein Group, to globally launch OHT’s Enterprise Services to market.OHT solves enterprise translation & localization challenges by aligning certified, expert translators with advanced technology, to deliver professional-grade translation services at the speed of your business. Blau explains the challenges and solutions that all Chief Marketing Officers face when selecting the right partner. See the results at

In this B2B Branding Video Case Study & Testimonial, Jere Simpson, charismatic and results-driven CEO of KiteWire, shares his insights how what it took to take his vision and get results for the launch of his information security Software As Service (SaaS) for securing mobile devices at the age of constant hacking. He shares his personal experience as CEO in working with Borenstein Group, his agency, as trusted partners to go from the drawing board to the finish line and the business impact it achieved.  See the results at

In this B2B Branding Video Case Study & Testimonial, Ted Adair, Business Development Executive at National Air Cargo, describes why his global logistic company selected Borenstein Group to lead a corporate rebrand for National Air Cargo and National Airlines. Mr. Adair explains that the ultimate business impact of Borenstein Group’s work was to unify and align National’s disparate business units under one instantly recognizable corporate brand identity, exemplified through three new websites:,, and See the results at

In this B2B Branding Video Case Study & Testimonial, Gino Ruta, Senior Vice President at CTSI, describes why he selected Borenstein Group to lead his company’s digital branding initiative. Mr. Ruta explains that the ultimate business impact of Borenstein Group’s work was aligning CTSI’s web presence and brand identity with the company’s advanced capabilities and services. See the results at

In this B2B Branding Video Case Study & Testimonial, Tony Morelli, Vice President of Cetan Corp, describes his company’s partnership with Borenstein Group, in a recent strategic branding initiative. Mr. Morelli explains that the ultimate business impact of Borenstein Group’s work was in helping Cetan Corp articulate its key strengths and value proposition to target audiences in the B2B and B2G sectors, while preserving the company’s unique identity and heritage. See the results at

In this B2G Branding Video Case Study & Testimonial, Tony Crescenzo, CEO of IntelliDyne, describes his company’s partnership with the Borenstein Group, which includes strategic branding and public relations support. Mr. Crescenzo explains the ultimate business impact of Borenstein Group’s work was that BG’s strategic approach and creative execution was integral to helping IntelliDyne increase per-contract revenue by 800% over a two year period. See the results at

In this B2B client case study and testimonial video, Philip Downs, President of Cooper Construction Services (Cooper, Inc.), describes why he selected Borenstein Group to undertake a strategic rebrand of his company, including messaging, collateral and web design. Mr. Downs explains that the ultimate business impact of Borenstein Group’s work was helping to articulate Cooper’s unique value proposition, and communicate to target audiences. See the results at

In this B2B Branding Video Case Study & Testimonial, Daniel Testa, CEO of TCI Communications, describes his long-term partnership with Borenstein Group. Mr. Testa explains the reasons why he’s chosen to engage BG for multiple projects, including the recent rebrand of TCI’s digital identity. Mr. Testa describes the ultimate business impact of Borenstein Group’s work as helping TCI use strategic branding to stand out and earn new business in a competitive industry.

In this B2B Marketing Case Study & Testimonial video, Borenstein Group clients provide a first hand account of the challenges they sought to overcome, the process of “making creativity a science,” and the ultimate business impact of their branding and marketing projects. In addition, Borenstein Group CEO Gal Borenstein describes the three main reasons to seek out assistance from a marketing agency, and demonstrates how to leverage creative, strategic and accountable thinking to generate business results.

What Our Clients Say

Cheryl King

“The Borenstein Group was recommended to Aquent Studios as being experts in B2G branding, which I found to be true. Gal Borenstein took a personal interest, not only in our branding requirements, but in our company’s ability to define what we do in a way that the government would understand. As a result, his team delivered an award-winning branding package, including a website redesign, presentation template, pitches, proposal response template, and an interactive brochure that’s not only fitting for our government clients, but industry clients as well. Yet nothing was worth more than the time that Gal invested in educating the Aquent government team to better understand how the government works. Leveraging the Borenstein Group’s tools and expertise helped Aquent Studios secure new federal vehicles of procurement and open the door to new business.”

Cheryl KingPresident, Aquent Studios
Brent Simpson

“When our leadership team decided to communicate our brand and develop a marketing strategy to help us grow to the next level, we were determined to find the best creative agency to partner with. After interviewing five different marketing firms, The Borenstein Group proved to be the most professional and qualified organization that we felt would make KGS stand out from the competition. The Borenstein Group has exceeded all expectations and has most definitely created a brand that sets KGS apart from our competition. Acting as a true partner, their team extracted all necessary information from us in a strategic manner and has created a new representation for KGS as if they had been involved with the company since inception. We are very satisfied with our selection and the work BG has done for us, Borenstein Group is strongly recommended by KGS.”

Brent SimpsonVice President, KGS Construction
Jere L. Simpson

“We were preparing for a major go-to-market launch, and needed a digital marketing agency that could immerse themselves in our culture, understand our BD mission, and deliver stellar UI along with high-impact branded content that would hit home with our audience of highly-discerning C-level government and private sector executives. Borenstein Group partnered with us from day one, and we worked together as a collaborative team. Borenstein helped us launch the right message, and delivered a cutting-edge responsive website designed with the mobile user in mind to position our innovative mobile device management solution for maximum business impact.”

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Jere L. SimpsonFounder & CEO KITEWIRE Inc.
Dr. Kim Nguyen

“Borenstein Group’s innovative work has invigorated Pragmatics’ digital brand to accurately match up with the company’s innovative solutions in software development, business intelligence and other markets. Now, Pragmatics is effectively positioned for growth in the competitive mid-market federal IT contracting arena.” 

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Dr. Kim NguyenChief Business Development Officer, Pragmatics, Inc.
Prasen Vasavada

“Borenstein Group Digital branding support helped us move NSG’s IT brand forward… This work has ensured our organization can clearly demonstrate its progressive, dynamic and evolving approach to Government IT solutions, yet celebrate our long history and traditions. Most importantly, it provides us with a recognizable and professional image that is truly representative of those who we seek to support.”

Prasen VasavadaCEO, NSG
Darren Savoye

“Our experience with The Borenstein Group was exceptional… we were particularly impressed by their depth of knowledge of the defense marketing arena which was applied to creating effective and compelling communication piece to reach our target audience in the U.S. Coast Guard. All of the people we worked with were creative and insightful and worked tirelessly to complete our project accurately and on time.”

Darren SavoyeVice President, Bollinger Shipyards, Inc.
Philip Downs

“As a fast growing government contractor and a graduate from the 8(a) program, we needed a digital branding agency that could help us make the transition to a competitive environment. Before meeting The Borenstein Group we were bringing a water pistol to the gun fight and holding up a weak website as a shield. The Borenstein Group worked with our team, helped us find our roots and worked with us to understand what really makes Cooper so great. Armed with knowledge, The Borenstein Group was able to efficiently create a go-to market plan, creative digital tools, a truthful and honest message that we’re proud to send to the marketplace. Our water pistol is now a full stockade of digital weapons. Borenstein has a very creative team, driven to results, organized and most importantly, they listen very well.”

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Philip DownsPresident and Owner, Cooper, Inc.
Gino Ruta

“As an industry leader, at CTSI, we have great expectations. Our experience with Borenstein was exactly as promised. They are the ‘real deal’- a team full of talent, dedication, and passion for helping customers succeed. Great strategic questions at launch, gave us confidence that our ideas, values, and thoughts were taken seriously. Creatively, Borenstein Group did a great job with the digital rebranding of our website. It is easy to navigate and has a clean, fluid, and modern appearance. We are very proud of our new digital brand.”

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Gino RutaSenior Vice President, CTSI
David Frankil

“Borenstein developed an integrated website and print campaign that perfectly captured the brand evolution we were going through at National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) Services Corporation. Not only has it generated numerous compliments, but the ad placements consistently rank among the most recognized in media surveys by the periodicals in which they are placed. We’ve also worked with Borenstein to develop new logos, and I can say without reservation that this agency delivers world-class, market-leading results every time, and on time.” 

David FrankilPresident, NAFCU Services Corporation
Donna Hundley

“I worked with The Borenstein Group on the TSA Recruitment Advertising Program for DHS. They really provided the expertise needed and research required to make decisions on the direction and development of recruitment strategies for TSA. Gal’s team is truly an experienced, professional, and creative group to work with.”

Donna HundleyAVP, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Aon Consulting
Dave Taylor

“I hired The Borenstein Group to assist me with a difficult re-branding effort for a 30+ year old company. Borenstein really impressed me, not only with their expertise in marketing, branding and market research, but with their ability to go the extra step and to help me work through the many barriers to success-both internal and external. Ultimately, their guidance and insight made the difference on a successful initiative.”

Dave TaylorCMO, Learning Tree International
Emily Nardone

“The Borenstein Group handled a difficult assignment with great skill and aplomb, expertly connecting the dots between strategy and creative execution the way few others can.”

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Emily NardoneMarketing Manager, Sage Software
Thomas Rooney

“We selected The Borenstein Group over other top Washington agencies because of their business and government acumen. There are many marketing agencies that produce creative ideas for their clients, but Borenstein goes further by truly embracing the complex and technical intricacies of our capabilities, allowing us to market ourselves in a meaningful manner.”

Thomas RooneyPresident eXMeritus Software, Inc.
Susan Harvey

“The Borenstein Group’s efforts in supporting our awareness project for the launch of the HRSolutions program were exceptional… Borenstein’s expertise and availability were particularly critical to the success of our mission… Due to the extraordinary effort and initiative, the Army family-Soldiers, civilians, and their family members-will benefit from efficient and effective Army HR services.”

Susan HarveyExecutive Director, United States Army
Art Miller

“As a telecom branding professional, I have worked with and for many ad agencies over the years. While many of them could deliver acceptable creative, few could master client business objectives and market insight as well as The Borenstein Group. They understand the telecom industry and the federal marketplace well enough to act as our strategic partner. What impressed me the most is the agency’s ability to fuse together the complex pieces of the marketing puzzle without losing sight of our bottom line. Trusting that your ad agency will deliver credible results every time is what it’s all about. That’s why I work with Borenstein.”

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Art MillerDirector of Marketing Services, Marconi
Kristi Tucker

“I highly recommend The Borenstein Group as a well-rounded integrated marketing communications firm. Borenstein possesses what every marketing communications professional needs and wants: a creative team with the ability to think quickly, strategically, and creatively-while also being a great listener and a flexible partner. The personal, face-to-face interaction they provided was much appreciated. The brochure Borenstein helped develop for Airbus North America was on-target and on-message. It achieved our goal of sending a compelling brand message to the market in support of our A380 marketing program.”

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Kristi TuckerCommunications Director, Airbus North America Holdings, Inc.
Curt Magnuson

“I’ve used The Borenstein Group twice for fully integrated marketing communications programs, once for an established company, and once for a startup. Both times, the team provided outstanding work, from the beginning creative process to the final output. They produce creative, targeted, and operational deliverables in all areas of marketing communications, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Borenstein Group to anyone in need of excellent marketing/advertising services.”

Curt MagnusonPrincipal, The FiscalHealth Group
Larry Goldberg

“I would like to thank The Borenstein Group for increasing our Search Engine Marketing efficiency. Our Click Through Rate increased 62%, and our Cost Per Click went down 24%. We are looking forward to Borenstein’s continued performance excellence.”

Larry GoldbergPresident, Storage Village Self Storage
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